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What is ED and who should care

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Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to many reasons. Some of them are curable, while others aren’t. But with the new age, there are many ways to fix the condition or at least lessen the effect of erectile dysfunction in men.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction that can be cured

All the curable causes of ED can be controlled by changing the root of the cause in the first place. The causes may be due to the side effects of some drugs you have been using, Like Medicine Sildenafil Cenforce 100, and doing drugs. Similarly, relationship problems, stress, and weight gain can also Use Vidalista 80 cause erectile dysfunction. Of course, these conditions can be easily cured by fixing relationship problems, stressing less, and losing weight. These causes are reversible and can get back to you if you start practising your old habits again.

Now, in some cases, conditions like anxiety, high levels of cholesterol, hormonal instability, and depression may be the cause of erectile dysfunction. These conditions may not be cured fully but their treatment can improve the erection capability of the person.we can call these as treatable causes of Erectile dysfunction. These are considered as the causes that can be treated.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction that cannot be cured 

Some causes are not treatable but the erectile dysfunction caused by it can be treated with full safety and success by using various drugs that are exclusively made to cure ED.

However, there are some conditions that cannot be rectified simply by taking ED drugs. For those cases, the only options left are injections, surgeries, and implants.

Erectile Dysfunction and ways to fix it

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in men where a man regularly cannot maintain his erection long enough to have satisfying intercourse. It’s completely normal to experience difficulty in erection, occasionally. But when the erection becomes rare and lasting for satisfying sex looks like a difficult task, that is when you need to understand that the problem is internal. 

Now, there are some cases where we can rectify this problem by digging the real cause behind the problem. The cause may be due to weight, smoking, side effects of some medicine, or problems related to your relationship. Such problems don’t require any drug to cure erectile dysfunction but can be rectified by solving the cause. In these particular cases, you can simply ask the doctor to change the medications that are causing it, change the habit of smoking, or fix your relationship problems. The problems caused by hormonal imbalance, depression, and anxiety may not be easily rectified but by paying attention and time to this problem, it will be fixed. You may simply fix the root cause and with the time you’ll see that the erection related problems also disappear and that too without taking any specific drug for Erectile Dysfunction such as Levitra, Cialis, etc.

Sometimes the cause may just be more than one and treating one of the causes may not fix your problem completely. In that case, the doctor will research the conditions in your body that are leading to Erectile Dysfunction.

How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction?

Erection not only involves the penis but the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, psychology, and brain processing associated with it. Since there are so many factors responsible, the problem in working with one of these is not so uncommon and can be treated by digging deeper into the problem. You don’t understand how common this problem is until it is experienced by you. Thankfully most of the causes are curable and temporary.

Curable causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Side effects of medicines

Almost one-fourth of people have erection problems due to the side effects of the medicines they were taking. Some medicines that tend to infuse Erectile Dysfunction in men are Antidepressants, Antihistamines, Narcotics, Indigestion drugs, and BP medicines like Diuretics. Apart from that, the treatment of prostate cancer, chemotherapies, and Parkinson drugs may also be the cause (in very few). If you suspect any medicine for your erection problems, immediately consult the doctor. The doctor may either give you an alternate medicine or lower your dose or ask you to stop taking that medicine altogether in order to fix your ED problem.

Drugs and smoking

A lot of people think that the use of marijuana, methadone, barbiturates, cocaine, alcohol, heroin, and amphetamines can increase your sexual ability and urge but in reality, it just has a completely negative impact over your sex life. So, if the use of drugs is one of the options you are thinking of trying, then you should know that the results are going to be disappointing. Moreover, smoking habits of any form can cause difficulty in erection and therefore affect your sex life.

So, if you are facing problems with Erectile Dysfunction, you need to examine whether you have any of the following habits: smoking, drinking, or doing drugs occasionally. If so, you need to quit your habits to get rid of your erection problem.


Being overweight causes lots of problems like diabetes type 2, high levels of cholesterol, and blood pressure. These are the conditions that leave you vulnerable to Erectile Dysfunction problems. Apart from that, the more body fat you have, the lower is your testosterone level. Lower testosterone level means lower chances of sexual arousal.

Eating healthy and physical exercises can help you get rid of unwanted body fat and this will, in turn, help you with your Erectile dysfunction problems.

Imbalance in hormones

The higher levels of thyroid hormone, prolactin, and cortisol, and the lower level of testosterone may be the reason behind erectile dysfunction. Therefore, by treating the above conditions, the erection problems will automatically show a significant improvement.

Sleep problems like OSA

Men suffering from Obstructive sleep apnea have more chances of having erection problems as compared to those men who don’t have it. This problem can be rectified by making use of a breathing mask during night time.

Causes related to psychology and emotions

Erectile dysfunction is not only caused by physical inability but also by emotional barriers like anxiety, depression, stress, fear, and trauma of previous relationships. However, these conditions can be treated through proper counselling and psychological therapies.

High levels of Cholesterol

Increased cholesterol level damages all the vessels of blood, even the ones associated with the penis. This causes obstruction in the blood flow inside the penis and leads to erection problems.

Riding a bike

It may sound surprising, but sitting on the saddle of the bike for a lot of time can cause strain to vessels and nerves of the penile area which act as an obstruction and hence lead to ED.

So, we can conclude that erectile dysfunction can be cured. It all depends on the cause. Some causes can be rectified in a small period of time while others may take a bit longer.

Other ways to treat ED

If treating the cause of ED is not giving you the desired result, you can always go with ED medicines. These drugs are readily available in the market and are extremely safe when taken as per the directions. They come in the market commonly by the names: Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.

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