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Natural Home Remedies for Fever

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What is fever and how does it occur?

Young children have weak and underdeveloped immune systems and are prone to suffer from many illnesses. The most common illness children suffer from is fever. As a parent, you may worry about your child’s fever but you need to remain calm and understand the cause of the illness before rushing to find fever remedies.

Sometimes, fever in children is the body’s natural defence mechanism to fight looming infections. People usually worry about high body temperature, but it is not always the best indicator of complications.

If your child’s activities are normal, their food intake, and urination pattern and the child is feeling comfortable; you need not panic. If the child is feeling low and the fever persists for 2 or more days you can try fever treatment at home remedies.

Fever tends to occur when a person’s body temperature rises above the normal range. Fever can be harmless at times but can cause great discomfort. A very high fever requires medical treatment, though most fevers subside with the fever remedies available at our home.

Infection is the most common cause of fever, in general, developing fever is the body’s defence mechanism to help fight off the infection.

Several other causes include cancer, drug reactions, vaccines, and inflammatory conditions.

98.6-degree F is considered a normal body temperature; however, everyone has their normal body temperature which may fluctuate up or down throughout the day.

Wearing excess clothing, eating food, and vigorous exercise can spike our body’s temperature. If the temperature rises to 100 F, then you may consider it a mild fever.

How to reduce fever at home?

There are many ways to cure fever at home, here are some of the effective and safe fever remedies for people of all ages. There are several remedies that an adult can take to feel more comfortable when they have a fever. Here are some of them are included:

1. Ginger bath

Ginger baths for fever remedies are common kitchen ingredients. Also, ginger has been known for ages for its ability to kill bacteria that cause fever. Ginger causes sweating due to its heat content which helps the body to eliminate heat and toxins. 

Consume 2 tablespoons of ginger powder or add a few slices of ginger to warm water to take a refreshing bath. If you are worried about how to reduce fever in a child naturally, a ginger bath will do the rescue. Make sure that ginger water must not enter your eyes during bathing as it can irritate.

2. Consume plenty of fluids

Like children, adults with fever also need plenty of fluids. However, it is sometimes difficult to make young children drink extra fluids.

Some more appealing alternatives fever remedies include:

  • Flavoured jello
  • Popsicles
  • Diluted fruit juice
  • Warm chicken broth

When we are hot, our body sweats to cool us down. While sweating our body loses a lot of water hence it is suggested to consume fluids to avoid further water loss.

3. Wet compress fever remedies

Wet compress helps our body to reduce temperature output. Ironically moist, hot compress can also do the job well. If you start to feel warm, remove the compresses and switch to cold ones, by placing them on the forehead, wrist and calves. 

If the temperature rises above 103F, avoid using a hot compress instead switch to cold ones to prevent the fever from getting any higher.

4. Resting

After using several beneficial fever remedies, you may start to feel more energetic or playful. However, it is important to ensure that you take proper rest until the fever has passed away. If you cannot sleep or relax, try reading a novel or listening to gentle music.

5. Lemon and honey

Honey and lemon are popular fever remedies known for their medicinal properties. They are rich in vitamin C hence helping to improve immunity, also honey provides nourishment.

The combination of both, honey and lemon are a highly effective fever treatment at home remedy. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with an equal amount of honey and consume the mixture.

6. Mustard oil and garlic

In most parts of North India, mustard oil and garlic are widely used fever remedies due to their magical power ingredients.

Both garlic and mustard oil are effective fever remedies and effectively reduce fever. Add a tablespoon of garlic paste to two tablespoons of mustard oil and leave the mixture aside for some time.

Now apply this mixture to the child’s feet, chest, palm and back before sleeping and gently massage. This combination causes sweating which reduces the toxins and also reduces fever.

7. Rub an onion

Onions are one of the most traditional fever remedies which are effective in reducing fever and in relieving body pain. Cut three to four thick slices of onion and rub it on your feet for a few minutes before bed.

Repeat the process three to four times a day and the fever will automatically reduce.

8. Raisins

The antibacterial properties of raisins are effective to fight infections and also to reduce fever in children. Soak about 25 to 30 grains of raisins in a half cup of water for one hour.

Once they become soft, crush them into a thick paste and consume the mixture twice a day and you will soon notice the wonders of these fever remedies by reducing temperature effectively. If you are looking for tips on how to cure fever at home, this fever remedy will do wonders for you.

If even on trying natural fever remedies the temperature does not subside, it is advisable to visit a doctor and get yourself diagnosed thoroughly. As sometimes the fever may be caused due to any other complication that our body goes through.

Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you see the symptoms like these:

  • Rash
  • Dehydration
  • Seizure
  • Pain in neck
  • Sensitivity to light

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