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Important features of Mechanical Keyboard

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One of the things you should consider when you are buying a keyboard is whether or not it uses a mechanical switch. This is a very important feature to look for in a keyboard because it is a big factor in how well the keyboard works. It is especially important to look at the speed of the keys and the way they respond to your touch.

Optical switches

There are two types of keyboard switches. The first type is the mechanical switch. These are designed to provide better ergonomics and speed. However, they have downsides.

Mechanical keyboard requires physical effort to activate the switch. They also are less durable than optical ones. That said, there are some key advantages.

Optical keyboards have faster response times and the ability to be water resistant. Besides, they are a lot cheaper. Some models even have customizable pre-travel distances.

One of the main benefits of the newer technology is the fact that it does not require soldering to the PCB. This means that you can have a wider variety of layouts. You can also have RGB backlighting, or IR sensors installed to illuminate the keys.

Optical switches are often the best choice for gamers because of their light actuation and quick response. They are also cheaper than their mechanical counterparts. It depends on the manufacturer.

Kailh Speed Switches

Kailh speed switches have many advantages over standard mechanical switches. They offer a short travel distance, quick response time, and a lower actuation force. This makes them ideal for gaming, especially for fast typing.

Kailh switches are available in four colors. The most popular are the Kailh Box Pinks and Navys. The company also offers switches in a variety of shapes. One of the most important characteristics of these switches is the clicky sound.

Other Kailh switch types include the Bronze and Gold. These are both soft tactile switches. While the Bronze has a 1.1mm actuation point, the Gold has a 1.4mm actuation point. Both have audible clicky feedback, but the Bronze has a more noticeable response.

Kailh switches are manufactured by NovelKeys. They are compatible with hot-swappable PCBs. They are also able to be illuminated through transparent housing.

Kailh is known for making a cheaper clone of the Cherry MX switch. However, the quality of their switches is actually quite good.

N-key rollover

N-key rollover on mechanical keyboards is a technology that allows you to type faster. This is especially useful for gamers who need to hit several keys simultaneously. However, it can also be problematic for advanced typists.

NKRO is a feature that is built into most mechanical keyboards. It helps prevent ghosting. Ghosting happens when a key is registered as pressed even though it is not. Usually, this is due to a design flaw.

NKRO can be activated through the use of keyboard software. There are also cheaper mechanical keyboards that can use NKRO. While they may be less expensive, they are not always guaranteed to be able to handle your keystrokes.

NKRO can be very expensive to implement. In addition, there are limits to how many simultaneous keys a keyboard can register. Some keyboards may only have two or three. Unless you are a serious gamer, you do not need unlimited N-key rollover.


If you’re looking for a keyboard to use for gaming, an anti-ghosting mechanical keyboard is a great option. It isn’t necessary for casual gamers, but it can help increase performance and accuracy.

Ghosting occurs when buttons on the keyboard aren’t working properly. This can be a problem if you’re playing a demanding game, especially one that requires you to quickly press a variety of keys. Using an anti-ghosting mechanical keyboard can eliminate ghosting issues and allow you to type correctly without any hassle.

The best way to tell whether your keyboard has anti-ghosting features is to check its rollover rating. This rating lets you know how many key presses the keyboard can handle at the same time. Generally, a 3-key rollover means that the keyboard can register up to three keypresses at the same time. However, this can vary from keyboard to keyboard.

Moreover, a 10-key rollover indicates that the keyboard can register up to ten simultaneous keypresses. These features are particularly useful for quick key combinations.

The Ultimate Guide to Buy Mechanical Keyboard in 2023 - TechPP

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