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Construction Equipment Rental | Perks of Renting Machinery

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Advantages of Construction Equipment Rental

For any big or small project that needs heavy machinery, a construction equipment rental is a great option. Renting equipment such as excavators, loaders, trucks, skid steers, trucks, generators, and efficient power supplies is perfect for any job that you might encounter, without the costs of owning them.

There are multiple industries that rent construction equipment, such as automotive, agriculture, construction, landscape, logging, mining, trucking, retail, and recycling. This is a great option for said industries as it benefits them in many ways, like cost effectivity, ease of operation for short-term use, and having no need for maintenance.

Why Renting Is a Good Option

In case of an emergency or shortage of equipment, renting machinery can help solve the problems and give the contractors the ability to cover financing and logistics. Additionally, this can provide the workers with lower rates and better deals for future projects. Read on to learn more about the benefits of construction equipment rental.

  • No Maintenance or Storage Needed
    Storage and upkeep of equipment are included in the total cost of owning heavy machinery. The majority of rental providers will handle servicing, repairs, and storage for their clients. Your chosen rental company can also provide free emergency support if your leased equipment suddenly malfunctions during use. This helps you to finish your projects on time and reduces downtime.

  • Lower Startup Fees
    Renting construction equipment is a highly common practice among businesses since it helps them keep costs down. This is because renting heavy machinery is substantially less expensive than purchasing a new one to start with. Furthermore, contractors won’t have to pay for insurance or maintenance which drives up ownership costs.

    With equipment rental, you can acquire all the tools and functions you need at cheaper costs. Leasing the right tools and machinery will help you start earning contracts and finishing jobs even before you spend on your own equipment. This gives you more resources and lets you spend on other important priorities.

  • Right Tool for Each Job
    If you choose to rent heavy machinery for your company, you have the freedom to choose the gear that’s best suited for any project you will have. You can pick the right size of skid steer or truck that’s big enough to haul many things or one that’s small enough to fit into tight spaces. This is a good example of the flexibility of renting equipment based on altering job requirements.

    With equipment designed specifically for the task at hand, you may finish work more rapidly and accept multiple other contracts. If you don’t know what tool or heavy equipment would work best for your upcoming project, you can discuss this with a construction equipment rental company.

  • Prevents and Avoids Depreciation
    Your personal equipment loses value over time. While some used tools, usually the niche ones, retain their value better than others, they will still lose some of their initial value. This is why selling construction machinery usually results in a loss. Working with an equipment broker will have you spending more if you’re looking to sell your current machines for newer equipment.

    Rental equipment also loses value over time, but since you only leased it, you won’t be pressed to sell the equipment once you’re no longer using it. With its depreciation not affecting your business, you can easily choose to return your borrowed machinery and rent a newer model. Expenses like rent payments are better than a bigger upfront payment for owning a depreciating asset.

  • Access to Newer Technology
    To get the most out of what you buy, you’ll have to use it until it’s obsolete. With all the available new and current technology, it would be easier to just rent newer construction equipment that is easier, safer, and faster to use. With technology constantly evolving, this also puts you at an advantage against other contractors, as having newer technology will give you a competitive edge.

If you’re a contractor looking to rent some construction equipment and heavy machinery, it would be in your best interest to look at catalogs from equipment rental companies. Most rental companies have access to high-end construction equipment, giving you more options to pick from a wide array of top-notch heavy machinery. 


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