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Facebook Business Manager, How to Manage FB Business

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Are you looking for a Facebook business Manager? Just like any employee, a business manager needs to know how to market his company. For a company to grow and succeed, it is essential that its employees are aware of what is happening within the organization and that they are informed accordingly. This way, they will know when there is a change in the management, or in the line of business, and be able to react appropriately.

A Facebook business manager is like a hub or point where all your Facebook corporate assets reside. With everything located in your business manager, you are easily able to access your corporate assets whenever you require them. You may also assign permissions to certain individuals or to a third-party social media management company such as LYFE Marketing, to manage commerce or ad placement for your Facebook page. When creating your page, you have a variety of available permissions: Business Manager, Safety Features, Interested Customers, Connections, and Content. You may also have additional options, depending on your specific needs. Permissions are the key to effectively manage commerce ads.

The first step to effectively managing your Facebook pages is to understand your purpose. By knowing your purpose, you will be able to determine which areas of your digital assets you should access and which ones you should keep to yourself. For instance, if you only sell Facebook products, then content, safety features, connections, and digital assets are important areas to focus on. If you are a service provider, then content, connections, and digital assets are less important.

Manage your digital assets based on your purpose. Now that you know why you created the various areas of your Facebook profile, identify your purpose for each area. Do you want to build a community for your customers to get help or share information? Are you trying to connect with a specific group of people to help with a task? Do you want to open multiple pages, ad accounts, and products for more functionality? As you answer these questions, you will gain insight into how to best use these areas and how to manage your business assets effectively.

Choose the appropriate group of apps for each area. A good business manager not only has a great idea of the basic functions that should be incorporated in each area, but understands how to use each app well. In this case, your Facebook apps would include News Feed, Applications, Wall, tagging, and Contacts. News Feed lets you collect and disseminate user’s “ticker” (information about what someone has recently added to their timeline) and wall posts. Applications allows you to post images, text, links, and videos. Wall allows you to display and synchronize your digital media and data sources.

Work with groups to create an ad account and relevant digital assets. In the “Ads” section, click on “Create an Ad”. Next, fill out the form and name your ad. Next, choose which platform you’d like to display your ads (either through Facebook or Google). If you’d like to place an ad in more than one location, make sure you are creating separate ad accounts for each platform.

You will need to keep track of which ads are performing and which ones you want to eliminate. To do this, click the down arrow next to the “Your Ads” section. You will then see a link to “Keep Track of Ads”. Use this area to list all of your business assets, such as images and other digital media.

Finally, add a Facebook button to your website, where visitors can register to be notified when new content is posted. This button can also be used to update all of your other social profiles. The Facebook Business Manager will automate a lot of the tasks that you would traditionally have to do. If you’re looking to manage your Facebook page in this way, it may be the best way for you to go.facebook-business-manager

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